Grass Control at
Shady Pond Tree Farm

IHC Cub Tractor outfitted as a Precision Herbicide Applicator

Control of natural grasses is a major part of Christmas tree production. The grass that surrounds the trees can easily cause the lower branches to become malformed if it is not kept relatively short. The prudent use of herbicides is needed to minimize the grass growth in the immediate vicinity of the tree. The spray applicator was custom designed and built to apply herbicide in fields containing young Christmas trees. The nozzles are close to the ground and covered to eliminate drift. This arrangement protects the little plants.

IHC B-414D with Wheel Guards is used as the Grass Cutting Tractor

The grassy areas between the rows of trees are kept mowed using the tractor below. This tractor is equipped with custom built wheel guards to prevent damage to the tree limbs. Note that the leading surface is arranged in a double angle fashion to lift the limbs of the larger trees up in the direction of their natural flexibility.

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